Epsilon Optics supplies a range of Fibre-optic Sensor Interrogation (FSI) units suitable for Aerospace, Civil Engineering, Marine and similar applications. These FSIs are based on the highly successful Insensys TDM technology.

EA 3080-H-E  8 Channel High Speed FSIEA 3080-H-E 8 Channel High Speed FSI

  • An integrated high speed solid state optical switch
    provides 8 optical channels
  • High optical power
  • Up to 100 FBGs per channel
  • Data acquisition rate up to 10kHz

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EA 3000-H Series High Speed FSIEA 3000-H Series High Speed FSI

  • Versions available: 1,2,3 and 4 optical channels
  • Total number of FBGs 100
  • Scan rate: upto10kHz
  • This unit is principally designed for aerospace applications…

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OEM 1000 series FSI OEM 1000 series FSI

  • Versions available: 1,2 or 3 optical channels
  • Total number of FBGs: 100
  • Scan rate 500Hz

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OEM 1040 S FSI OEM 1040 S FSI

  • An integrated optical switch provides 4 optical channels
  • Total number of FBGs: 400 (100 FBGs per channel)
  • Scan rate 500Hz within a channel and 1 Hz between channels.
  • This unit is designed for Civil Engineering and similar applications where a very large number of sensors require monitoring at a relatively low acquisition rate.

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Key Features Heading

All the FSI units supplied by Epsilon Optics offer the following key advantages:

  • Rugged and reliable having been designed for tough environments including high vibration, electro-magnetic noise, power dips and large variations in temperature and humidity.
  • Insensys TDM technology – greatly simplifies the design of sensor arrays allowing full measurement range for every sensor.
  • Long term accuracy and reliability.
  • Low power consumption makes it suitable for remote locations and mobile platforms where mains power is intermittent or not available.
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