About Epsilon Optics

Pictured: Robert Knapp CEng MIET (right)
Roger Caesley MBE MSc MBA MRAeS CEng (left)

Epsilon Optics offers its clients a unique range of advanced structural monitoring solutions by combining patented fibre-optic instrumentation technology with composite and structural design and manufacturing excellence to deliver reliable monitoring solutions.

We are now market leaders in the design, development and deployment of fibre optic strain monitoring solutions for the harsh environments typically encountered in the aerospace, marine and civil engineering fields. The technology is based on that originally developed by Moog Insensys Ltd where it has been extensively applied in Wind Energy and Subsea Oil & Gas industries; over 2000 systems are currently deployed.

Epsilon Optics was founded in 2007 in order to satisfy the continuing demand in the Civil Engineering and Marine markets, as Insensys chose to focus exclusively on it’s core markets of Wind Energy and Aerospace. Subsequently, responsibility for the aerospace market was also transferred to Epsilon Optics. In addition to pushing forward the development of new sensing solutions and designs we now have an extensive and successful track record over a wide range of industries worldwide, including Civil Engineering, Marine and Tidal Energy applications, whilst in the Aerospace Industry we have worked with most leading fixed and rotary wing aircraft companies on solutions for their particular structural monitoring requirements.

Corporate Structure

Epsilon Optics comprises:

Epsilon Optics Ltd.
Company number: 7214244
Epsilon Optics Aerospace Ltd.
Company number: 7570814

Design and implementaion of complete fibre-optic sensing solutions



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